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Suppliers - Microelectronics

Cicor  - Reinhardt Microtech. 

Two sites - Switzerland & Germany.

Competencies & services for microelectronics, opto-electronics and high frequency applications in the fields of military and aerospace applications, medical devices, industrial electronics and telecommunications.  Core expertise is in Thin Film circuitry on various substrates .


Materion Balzers Optics –(Merging of Materion Corp and Optics Balzers).

Sites in USA, Lichtenstein, Germany, China & Malaysia. 


Optical thin-film coating processes  and optical component manufacturing (up to optical sub-assemblies) for the photonics industry.


MBO addresses markets including sensors & imaging, defense & space, automotive, industrial, Biophotonics, Lighting & projection. 

The core competencies are in design and manufacturing of high precision dielectric and metal thin film optical coatings with exceptional spectral performance, environmental stability and tight adhesion.



facility located  South Korea

Design and manufacture of Saw filters, HiK filters, Bandpass filters, LTCC packages, circuitry and modules



Site location Mendrisio, Switzerland  

The company is expert in thick-film technology producing thickfilm hybrid ceramic circcuits.

Services for full assembly and advanced microelectronics.

Metallux is the market leader in ceramic pressure sensing elements providing an exclusive range

of standard and custom sensors for industrial, automotive and medical markets.


Two sites in France.


Microcertec offers the following services and applications: High precision fine ceramic micro-machining and the manufacture of sintered ceramics, zirconias, and 3D metallized circuits. 

High-precision grinding, ultrasonic machining and laser micro-machining

Diamond, surface and cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, honing, milling-drilling, lapping-polishing,



Three sites – One in France & two  in the USA.


Dedicated/integrated manufacturer for HTCC hermetic packages: glass to metal seal (GTMS), ceramic to metal seal and pure ceramic devices and brazing. 


Services and applications offered include design- engineering support, HTCC ceramics, RF, thermal-mechanical and , power management, Kovar packages, brazing and sealing assembly and plating


Santier specializes in thermal management solutions.  Materials produced are  CuW (copper tungsten), CuMo (cAopper molybdenum), with  availability for CMC (copper molybdenum copper / Cu-Mo-Cu), S-CMC (Super Cu-Mo-Cu) AlGr (aluminum graphite), CuGr (copper graphite). Services include assembly and plating - integrating the custom thermal management material into hermetic IC packaging and microelectronic housings. Applications for : aerospace, defense, medical, telecom, communication & others.

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