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Quality policy

Nextwave Technology Ltd. is a representative organization which engaged in Sales & Marketing of RF & Microwave products.

Nextwave business strategy flag "Quality & Service without compromises".

Nextwave undertakes to comply with the requirements of both, its Customers & Principles, providing high quality products, technical support and attentive to their constantly expectations.

The company invests Time & Efforts as well as Management attention & financial resources, to increase its activity & Market share over time.

Nextwave is committed to act with integrity in the way it conducts its business.

The company require its employs to know, understand and abide, applicable law and regulation in the countries in which the company provide direct & indirect service including applicable anti-corruption and bribery laws & regulations.

The company's management believes that employee's cooperation in establishing and operating a quality system, is a prerequisite for success.

Planning & Implementation will be integrated within company activities & procedures, by employee’s, sub-contractors and vendors, according to standard requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The company brings to the attention the quality policy, to the people who work for the company and/or its behalf, and to the stakeholders.

The company cultivates and encourages openness and creating dialogue, within its Suppliers & Customers, while listening to all the topics that may be connected to quality improvement, possible risks, effects of actions and/or projects, and provide a value & proper response.

The company anticipate improving Quality programs as part of its commitment & responsibility to its employees, customers and suppliers, under the obligation to comply with any law & rule require.

The company will be available to the public on any topic related to issues of quality, safety environment and occupational health.

September 2016

תעודה 90012015 אנגלית סרוקה2022 - נקסטוויב טכנולוגיות בעמ.jpg
תעודה 90012015 עברית סרוקה2022 - נקסטוייב טכנולוגיות בעמ.jpg
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